Friday, March 11, 2011

The Story of the Bible by Larry Stone

I once asked a person why they felt that the King James Version was the only true Bible… The response was funny yet sad. “Because that’s the language Jesus Spoke!”

Not only do we show ourselves as ignorant but those of us who read other TRANSLATIONS and do not understand how they were written or translated can be considered just as Ignorant.

I recently received the book “THE STORY OF THE BIBLE” by Larry Stone; received it free from Thomas Nelson to read and Review. I was astonished. I can tell you much about the history of the church and various denominations but I was amazed at what I didn’t know about how we got the Bible from when written (say 25 AD in some cases) to what I have now (Say NIV translated and then updated in 2011).

The story of the Bible takes a look at multiple things:
1) The Beginnings of the Bible such as how paper came about, or about how the Bible was transcribed and written.
2) The People of the book
3) Foundation of a New Faith
4) Early Years of the Church
5) Middle Ages
6) Remarkable Century from Gutenberg to Luther
7) Bible in English
8) The Old Book in the New World
9) “To the End of the Earth”

A beautifully illustrated, hands-on history of the world's best-selling book.

With a highly readable and colorful narrative, The Story of the Bible covers in a sweeping panorama the writing and transmission of the Bible through the ages. The writing of the Old and New Testaments, the canonization of the Scriptures, and stories of those who gave their lives to make the Bible available in common language—all are reported clearly and reverently with the power of anecdotal illustrations. Readers encounter page after page of engaging illustrations set in a highly designed journey chock-full of removable documents.

I am reminded of a chapter from the TRUTH PROJECT on History. In Isaiah 46:9 we are told to “REMEMBER the former things..” We are so prone to not knowing or carrying about history and this can be our down fall. Karl Marx knew this when he said “A People without a heritage are easily persuaded” or George Orwell who said “HE who controls the PAST, controls the future.”

When we don’t understand the details of the Bible that show it’s infallibility, its perfection in translation and accuracy to the originals; then we can be easily persuaded to think that it is not ACCURATE… or that we can simply believe what bits we want to believe.

As a person who LOVES history I was captivated by this book and HIGHLY recommend this as it is very DETAILED in its accuracy. As well it also with each chapter has COPIES of original documents and fragments from items such as the Dead Sea Scrolls etc… So not only can you read about how it was translated or used in previous days but that you get to see and hold copies of these originals!

I extremely enjoyed this and can see it be a huge tool for seminary students, Bible Study leaders who teach NEW Believers etc… it helps to explain in a very simple and easy way the complete accuracy and infallibility of the Bible!

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