Saturday, November 27, 2010

Think God Can't use you?

I was reading this morning about a preacher of old named Billy Bray.
If God can use him... why not me... why not you...
I was enthralled with his view of Walking!!

Billy Bray
1794 – 1868

“If I were to go down to Hell I would shout, “Glory! Glory! Unto my blessed Jesus until I made the bottomless pit ring again, and that miserable old Satan would say, ‘Billy, Billy, this is no place for thee; get thee back.’ Then up to Heaven I would go, shouting, “Glory, glory, praise the Lord!’”

Billy Bray was born into a rough mining town in Cornwall, England in 1794. Although his family was saved, Billy showed no interest in the things of God.

At 17 he ran away to Devonshire. He lived a drunken and debauched life, far from God. He married a Christian girl, but it did not slow his sinful ways.

Twice he was nearly killed, once in a mine accident and again as he drunkenly rode a stolen horse. Finally a copy of John Bunyan’s “Visions of Heaven and Hell” came into his hands. Convicted and miserable, he woke one morning about 3:00 and knelt by his bedside, asking God to save his soul. Mr. Bray’s whole life was changed. He came home from work the next payday sober, having skipped his weekly trip to the bar. He gave up smoking and drinking forever when he was saved. His friends thought he would soon return to his old worldly ways, but he never did.

Billy Bray became a fervent soul winner. It is said that he never met a person without inquiring as to the condition of his soul. He became a frequent speaker at meetings, urging his fellow miners and neighbors to come to Christ. Bray had a shouting religion. He said, “I lift up one foot and it says, ‘Glory!’ and I lift the other foot and it says, ‘Amen!’ and so they keep on like that all the time I’m walking.”

He was sometimes criticized for his fervor, but his love for God was very real. When his wife died, he still praised the Lord. “Bless the Lord! My dear Joey is gone up with the shining angels!” he shouted. The goodness of God made him glad even in times of sorrow. On his deathbed he asked the doctor who had just told him he was dying, “When I get up there, shall I tell them you will be coming too?”

Billy Bray died at 74 years of age, still praising the Lord.

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