Sunday, February 21, 2010

Everyone has a story...

I met a boy today... At church a tall boy came in and quietly took up residence in the back of the sanctuary in a single chair.
He stayed as far away from others as possible.
You barely knew he was there, even though his 6'3" and strong frame would make him stand out, his shy demeanor helped him blend into the shadows.
He didn't seem to show much emotion through the sermon, the jokes etc..
He just sat taking it all in.
After the final song and prayer I had one of our ladies point him out to me as he sat there crying.

I went over and found out his name is Steve. He wanted prayer to "stay out of trouble".

So I prayed with him. For strength, courage and understanding...

When I finished we talked for a min. and before more than a min. had passed he told me he had walked to church all the way from Waldorf and needed a ride home.
His friends didn't answer their phones who were suppose to bring him to church.

So after tear down of the equipment from the band, getting the kids to take to Mandy etc.. we were standing in the foyer of the church talking.
Mandy and the kids walked out and he looked at me and said "I can tell that your personal space.. I'll stay away".
I didn't know what to think.. I told him that I would introduce them to him next week. He then asked me why I would do that? "Won't they be afraid of me?"
I again was taken back... "No way. They love everyone. In fact they will talk to complete strangers in the mall!".
"How do they feel so safe?" he asked. "You see these scars on my face... It is hard for me to feel safe."
"Well, they know that their mom and dad are with them and that makes them feel safe"...
then I thought about it more.. "I guess you could say they don't know to be afraid. When they have never been hurt, it is much easier to trust."

So then we start driving and he asked me "Do I make you nervous?" "I said no way.."
That was very strange... Next thing he said "I am hungry and haven't eaten.. can you help.."

so anyways I could go on and on about the afternoon but here is the point...
EVERYONE has a story...
Steve lives with a Step Father who doesn't like him... no other family...
When asked about his family he said they are not around.
He is 21 years old, no job, no family... no trust... full of fear..
Only God can help him find peace.

The word that kept coming to me was "Pray for his confidence".
He had very little... when I took him to the WaWa to get some food he kept getting in line, but as soon as someone else came over behind him he would get out of line.
He twice put up his Iced Tea and Chips and said "I don't want to waste your money".

So this week, month etc.. pray for Steve... Pray that we see him again next Sunday.
Pray that if he calls me that I will be able to help him.

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