Friday, December 11, 2009

I need your help!!

I recently posted on here some thoughts on Orphans and a challenge about how easy it would be to make a difference.

Well, I have just that sort of oppurtunity for you. In Feb. I will be leading a trip to Mexico to work with our friends at Back2Back(

Back2Back works back to back with local children's home through out the Monterrey, Mexico area.

They do this through a multi-fronted assult on the poverty and trend in their nation.
1) Working in the squatter's villages with the poorest of the poor. Working to keep these kids with their families and out of the children's homes by feeding, clothing and helping to meet their needs both physically, emotionaly, and spiritually.

2) Working with the local Children's homes in the same ways to meet the needs ot these kids physically, emotionally and spiritualy.

3) Taking the teens who have grown out of the care these homes can provide and giving them christian homes to live in and be loved in. All the while helping to pay for and encourage them in their continued education thus breaking the cycle of 2 12-13 year olds being forced out of the children's home they knew their entire life only to get married and have kids. Then not being able to support their kids they place them in the same home they grew up in.

I recently asked Jim who heads up one of the children's homes and squatter Villages what need they had.
He had a few items:
Rio 3
Bag of groceries community outreach = $20/bag 1 bag feeds family of 4 for a week.
We could give away 150 bags or whatever you collect.

Food to stock the Soup Kitchen Pantry = any amount would help

Casa Hogar Douglas
New ceiling fans for the dorms = $120 /ea.
We could use 16 fans total.

Food to stock the pantry = any amount will help

So now the challenge: Will you help? Please.

Scripture is full of God's promises to protect, care, clothe the orphan and many more promises. How does He do that? Through the use of you, his church!

So here are the ways you can help:
1) Sending any funds you wish to myself (I can send you an address)
2) Sending a check to Back2Back Ministries in Ohio:
If you have questions, need additional information, or would like to make a donation, please contact their Finance Director, Christy McMurry at 513-754-0300, ext 1707 or
• Checks may be written directly to Back2Back Ministries
• They provide programs for automatically drafted donations
• They accept most major credit cards
Back2Back Ministries, Inc. P.O. Box 70 Mason, OH 45040

They will be able to give you a tax deduction form.
If you do send through Back2Back direct please try to get it to them before the middle of Jan. so that these funds can be used while we are there in Feb.
Place in the Memo Line if you want them to go to Rio 3 food, or Douglas Fans.

It is my goal to help with both of these needs!
If you would like to know more about Back2Back and the ministry they have please check out the website above or comment on here with your Email address and we can set up a time to talk live about their ministry!

I pray that God will break your heart for the Orphan as he has mine.

Thank you in advance for your concideration and support!

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