Thursday, September 10, 2009

Called to Worship

What comes to your mind when I say “Worship War”? If you are like me you automatically think of the hymns vs. chorus’ (Choir vs. drums) etc… I associate Worship in musical terms. Yet that is not all there is.

Called to Worship by Vernon M. Whaley, addresses this. Taking a systematic look through the Bible to review the ways in which God created us to Worship him. From Genesis thru the Epistles we see how God has intricately woven into our personalities and lives ways to worship him. The Author weaves a readable tale that helps to step you through what God thought of in our Creation and making us to worship him. Stepping through the issues in scripture that have shown good and bad styles of Worship... From Cain and Able to Isreal, and on to the Epistles... The Great Love Story that we have in Scripture reveals God to us.

This book really made me think about how there are many other things that I do that WORSHIP God. It may be the way we interact with others, it might be in how we help someone in need, or it is in our work ethic… Everything we do is an element of worship to God… Think about that the next time you don’t like something your church is doing…

Check out the book for yourself at Family Christian Stores.

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