Thursday, December 25, 2008

I Like Smiling!! Smiling is my favorite!! ~Buddy the Elf

Today was a great day.

It started early. Gavin woke up at around 6:15 or so... I went down and he said he had a bad dream. So I told him to stay in bed and play till his sisters woke up.
So of course within 20 min's they were all up.
So I got up and got dressed to go down stairs when Mandy and I heard "Daddy told us to wake them up when we woke up... Let's go wake them up."
So I jumped back in bed and acted as if I was sleeping.

Gavin came up and said "Mommy, we are awake. Can we open presents." to which Mandy stated, "The sun's not up yet bubby it's too early." "Oh, Okay." was all Gavin said and turned around and walked down stairs...
so of course I told Mandy she was mean, we laughed and went down stairs...

The kids had a fun HOUR of opening their gifts and they had so much fun...
We played games etc... all morning and then did puzzles that we got all evening!

This was the first year where the older 2 really understood what it is to get and GIVE a gift. That made it even more exciting...

Not to mention, last night at our Christmas Eve Service Dakotah sang a duet with another girl who is about 8. My little girl is singing at church in front of everyone and doing a GREAT job!
It could not have been a more special Christmas.

As well, we spent alot of time talking about those who have less than us. We read some stories from the Great Depression and Christmas time. It is great to see your kids want to give their new toys to others who may not get gifts.

That is more special than anything!

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