Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New list of items for donation

Got some new items from our Mexico group on items that they are in need of:

Regular size shampoo bottles
NEW items for birthday gifts for OLDER kids (12-19 years)
Boys – hats, NEW shirts, team jerseys, playing cards, clothes, watches. I need some things for boys in the age range of 8-10. Also, no electronics please!
Girls – jewelry, hair things (brushes, hair ties, headbands, bobby pins), journals, pens, purses, NEW clothes, etc.
Lego’s, matchbox cars, new or used bubbles
New swimsuits – from toddlers on to 16 years old.
One piece for girls
We have pool parties in the summer with up to 100 children, so there is no limit to how many the children need.

“Always Needed”:

Pre-natal vitamins
Daily vitamins/ any kind of vitamin
Baby Formula
Lice Shampoo
Feminine pads
Regular shampoo

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