Monday, February 11, 2008

No One Knows

No One Knows
by CAC

I’m sitting here gazing ‘round
At all the memories of my life
Memories of places, none of which
I can say I miss.
Why is it my roots, shallow soil does find?
Why is it that people my friendship eludes?

I see the people I know by name
Yet no one truly knows me here.
With God given talents and knowledge to share,
Training ability, to help others their passion ensue
Yet no one knows me here.

So many friends, both close and true
Have withdrawn themselves over these years
Due to distance, and loss, and other small costs.
Still no one knows me here.

To college, I sought to make myself known,
Only to find a shadowy legacy of perfection
Cast long ago by family kin.
And still nobody knew my name.

So when did I stop trying to be
What others wanted me to be?
So long ago I do not remember
Yet no one knows my name.

I have been to the top, the youngest and best,
The newest to move up the social walk,
The best and the brightest,
Yet I take this all in lightest step.
Still no one knows me here.

I do not wish for causal friends,
The “hi, How are you” rhetoric.
I want to find the Jonathan friend,
To be by my side till the end.

Is this in my future, a brother, a mentor,
Some one to help me go higher.
Who’ll keep me on path, with heaven and earth,
And who’ll let me be honest and true.
Someone who’ll know my name.

I will never play the part or a lie,
That most people play when they are in public eye.
I will not be the actor in that play
As I never can be other than that which I say,
That which God has made me to be.
He is the one who truly knows my name.

A name He did speak many eons ago
When I first entered his mind, though I hadn’t been born.
He knew who I was, and who I am now.
He knows what I’ll be and the costs of that plan.
I may never have that friend such as David of old,
Yet I’ll always have God.
And He will never forget my name.

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