Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Evangelism 101

Here is a blog a read.... thought it was very well said and good point!
The old hymn said "I know whom I have believed..."

Guys, I can’t always put my faith in Christ into words. I can’t always defend it as well as I should be able to. My knowledge of my faith is still very elementary. I suck with apologetics.

There’s switch that’s been flicked to the “on” position. No matter how much I question my OWN faith…no matter how tough it is at times…no matter what the science books say…I can’t shake it. Stick with me, here.

I say that God has grabbed ahold of me and isn’t letting go. You can call it whatever you want.

But Dawkins says…
My college professor said…
I’ve figured it all out on my own!

Good for Dawkins, your college professor, and you. Really.

Here’s what I’m saying: I didn’t do this to myself. I cried out to God one night and my life has been night and day different ever since. I’ve tried to shake the Jesus off of me - it doesn’t work. The scientists, quite honestly, make a lot of sense. Facts are facts, after all, right? I understand your arguments. You make extremely convincing points.

I don’t always understand God. I don’t understand everything in the bible. I have questions. I doubt. I’m troubled by a lot of what I read and see. Christianity pisses me off all the time.

Yet the switch remains on. Amazing. Call it what you want.

The joy of really truly knowing Christ and being in constant relation with the creator of this world is something that no meaningless joker on his stupid blog could possibly describe. I’m not here to shove anything down your throat. It’s always yours for the taking.

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