Tuesday, December 18, 2007


A 'T' you say? Wow, he was Home schooled!

Well, let me tell you that T stands for Tolkien. J. R. R. Tolkien to be exact.

And why would I be breaking my long hiatus to talk about Tolkien?
Because Tonight the news broke that Peter Jackson and all other parties have ended their fights and are going forward in producing "THE HOBBIT!" The pre-qual to the LOTR (Lord of the Rings, for those who are keeping up to speed with me)...
Then again you can't call 'The Hobbit' the prequal as actually the "Silmarillion" which was then followed by the 12 vlm History of Middle Earth. Then you reach the Hobbit. Don't forget the other books.....

Alright you get the picture.
Let's just say I read the Trilogy when I was 7! Yeah, 7! I know, FREAK!!!

So it may be a couple of years but we again will have REAL movies or high quality story lines mixed in a 'real' world...
Didn't you know it was real? Watch the Triology, remeber it is said that 'Fact, became history, histroy became legend, and legend became fantasy..."
And doesn't it talk that in the days before Noah, that the 'sons of god came down and married with the sons of man.'?
Okay, so the elves who married with humans and created the DĂșnedain race of Kings...
Alright, so maybe I just stretched that out a bit... and let you know how much of a Tolkien freak I really am!

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