Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ordinary Attempts

So I am reading 2 books that I hope to use as a basis for our Life Group this coming January.
1 is Outflow by Steve Sjorn. Good book lots of material.
But my favorite is the #2. Evangelism without Adjectives by Jim Henderson.

85% of Christians would say that they do not like to 'Evangelize'. Why? Because it has been made to be a memorization item, a quoted script that if anything throws off the script we get lost and intimidated.

This book talks about what Evangelism should be. It should be the sum of 'Ordinary Attempts'. The story is given of when the author was in line at the grocery store, and a women came up needing a Phone card as her son was stuck in an airport in Italy and couldn't use his phone's. She left and he thought, should I have asked her to pray with her etc... but then gave up the idea as to a complete stranger that is just 'weird', 'crazy', and numerous other terms... But she came back again with another question. So he looked at her and asked what her son's name was. When she answered he said 'I'll pray that Scott makes it home safe.'..
She had to ask him, what did you say. So he repeated himself and she left that store BEAMING from ear to ear that someone was going to pray!

Evangelism is the sum of those 'Ordinary' everyday attempts at showing people that we care and that God cares. Then it is the overflow of pray on them that God will continue to pull on their heart strings. In many cases I know people who tell of how they were pushed from church by 'evangelism' and yet due to the 'ordinary' attempts of some people came to them and asked how to be saved.

Our Job is not to do the work of the Holy Spirit, our job is to be in the right place at the right time when the Holy Spirit needs to work through us.
Here is a personal example:

I travel alot for work.
Recently my wife and 3 kids decided to travel with me to Wichita, KS so they could visit some of her cousins.

We stayed in a hotel with a large center room with putt-putt, arcade games etc.. While I was out working they had gone down to play.

A young boy, maybe 12 or so, saw my 5 year old playing with one of the racing car video games. He came over and asked her if she wanted to play it!

She of course said Yes and he gave her the .50cents to play.
This made my little girl beam, and made this young boy happy to.

I thought that was an excellent example of a simple 'Ordinary Attempt' of showing others Christ's love.

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