Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Evils of Email and Blogging

The problem with any form of writing such as email, letters, blogging etc.. is that anyone can read it how ever they want to. Why is that?

A few years ago we discussed this topic at a work conference and the Operations VP brought in a book that gave % values to the items that make up the whole art of communication. I do not have the actual but can tell you the vast majority of it by memory.

Communication is made up of the following:
Auditory forms such as Speaking, Tone of Voice etc.. This is 50 % (15 % speaking ability, 10% word usage and the remainder being Tone of Voice).
The next are the Physical means of communicating such as Body language and Eye Contact. These make up 25 and 20%’s respectively.
That leaves only 5% for, you guessed it: WRITING.

Any why is that?

Let’s use a phrase that may come across as different each time read:

“I’m Sorry to Hear That.”

Now let’s emphasise one word as a reader might when reading:

I'm Sorry to Hear That.” (Sounds snobbish or self-centered)

“I’m Sorry to Hear That.” (Sounds a little more heartfelt)

“I’m Sorry to Hear That.” (Sounds like they genuinely care)

“I’m Sorry to Hear That.” (Sounds like they think THAT is the stupidest thing ever…)

So now we can see that you can’t always believe what you see or read for that matter.

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