Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Well, they called the family in on Sunday Night....
By Monday mid day grandma was awake and alert.
We went by to see her today and she was talking up a storm.
She was very tired and not eating much at all but talking and alert.
She had been fighting the idea of moving into a nursing home or Hospice even though there was not any other options.
So knowing that I asked her what the doctors were telling her and where they would release her too.
She finally admitted that she would have to go to Hospice... So she knows....
The entire time we were there the nurses kept looking at her vitals and giving her shots etc...
Anytime something would be mentioned about how well she was doing, the nurses would quietly remind my mother that most of the time people who are in this state come back and have 2 or 3 good days before they finally pass...
So for now things are good.
Continue to pray that whatever happens will do so quickly.

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angelasustala said...

I'm so sorry you are facing this. We lived this same scenario with my grandmother several years ago and its just plain hard. We are praying for you - and for your whole family and trusting God for His MIGHTY provision of every detail.