Thursday, July 19, 2007

Why me?!?!?!?!?!

10 Random Things about ME! (Who me?)

Thanks so much to my wonderful (And dead) wife for tagging me…..

1) I was home schooled from Kindergarten to 12th grade. Graduated with a 3.95 in High school…. (yes that is on a 4 rating) Yet I dropped out of College.

2) I make Stained Glass lamps, windows etc…

3) I love Nature, outdoors, caves, animals (not necessarily cats)….

4) I have been researching my Family Tree since I was 10… I have over 27,000 names going back to 500 a.d. Notable people: Wright Brothers (You know the Airplane inventors), Lord Burleigh (William Cecil) the right hand man to Queen Elizabeth. Twining Tea Company inventor, President Hoover (According to folk lore, but I haven’t proved it)

5) I enjoy reading books or research on History, Science, religion etc… I have studied extensively on many different religions, denominations etc….

6) I have lived in Indiana, Michigan, Florida, and Iowa. I have lived in 10 different homes ( my father was a minister so we moved every 4 years or so)

7) I was told by my employees once that I had to have “Come out of my Momma drinkin Pepsi” as I always have to have one like coffee in the morning.

8) I went to China with Steven Curtis Chapman and Geoff Moore. I have met Casting Crowns, Rebecca St. James, and many other Christian musicians over the years with FCS.

9) I am a huge Tolkien and Lewis fan… I read LOTR (Lord of The Rings, for those none Tolkienites) series when I was 7…

10) I hate Forwards!!!

So on that note I officially tag:
No one,
Not you
Not me
And not anyone……
(In truth I think we all have been tagged now....)

Fact 11) I am the youngest child with older personality trends. Bill Murrey and Eddie Murphy both were the same… Comic relief, in quite bursts when you least expect it…. Silent but Deadly ;^)

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