Sunday, July 8, 2007

Why is Doing so Hard?

I found some of my old fashioned blogs this week. You know the ones that are on paper. Anyways I was hit by a realization “There is nothing new under the Heaven”.
It just amazed me how the items that were major hindrances in my walk with Christ were still here today. Has anything changed? I would say yes; but not when you think of how little has changed in 4 or 5 years. Shouldn’t I be closer to Christ? Yet I still feel so far away at times. Shouldn’t I be sure of everything in the scripture? Yet passages still puzzle me, or verses hit me different now then they did before.
It is Ironic that this month while some of these thoughts have been going through my head we have been studying James. If you flipped through my Bible, the book that is more written up with questions, thoughts and opinions is this book. The series is called “Deeper is doing”. It’s simple yet very relevant.
I could some up for you every Business/Leadership and Self Help books that are on the market in this (Taken from a business book “The Oz Principle”) See it, Own it, Solve it, DO it. Funny how the final one is DO IT!! JUST DO IT!! It sounds so simple but it isn’t. It sounds so easy but it is the hardest thing in the world sometimes.
I had a Grand Opening in Lincoln, NE this week at one of my stores. We had the Mayor and Dr. Woodrow Kroll there. Both of these men said things that hit me in this topic. I had just explained to the Mayor and others who were there for our dedication that we at Family wish to help meet the needs of our guests. These needs of Comfort, Encouragement, salvation, or growth as well as other needs they may have. The Mayor then got up and said that he loves to see companies like ours that can help bring “Faith which leads to Hope that ultimately leads to charity or Love. And Love of your neighbor is what will help us build a great community in our city.”
I thought this was nice what he said. Yet it is missing the step… What leads to Love? ACTION!! Yet our society is plagued with inaction.
Then later Dr. Kroll was talking about Back to the Bible Ministries and how so many churches and ministers have tired of talking about the Bible as they do not feel that anyone is listening. Why? Due to their INACTION Monday through Saturday. So Back to the Bible studies people and reactions etc… But the point is that churches are seeing it too.
Why do we “Hear the word but don’t do what it says?” Why do we do obey everything, except for 1 items and feel that we aren’t so bad because it is only 1 small item such as our language or movie choice.
I think it has to do that we do not see ourselves as continually in God’s presence. God is with us always, the Holy Spirit dwells in us. Randy Alcorn said this in his book Heaven (A GREAT book that will change how you think about Heaven. I.e.… Sitting on Clouds playing Harps vs. landing a jump on a full pipe or climbing to the bottom of a cave.) “If we really grasp this truth, it will have a profound effect on our holiness. A man who sees himself seated with Christ in Heaven, in the very presence of a God to whom the angels cry out, “Holy, Holy, HOLY,” won’t spend his evenings viewing Internet pornography.”
So the sign of a deeper relationship with Christ is doing…. Are you doing everything for Christ this week? Are you putting it all into practice? Am I…………

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